Every day people around the country are putting their lives at risk to make ours work. Doctors and nurses. Grocers and mail carriers. First responders and bus drivers. Truckers and teachers, and many more.

Across the globe, communities are taking action to show support and appreciation. In NYC, people lean out their windows to clap and bang pots and pans. In Italy, they gather on balconies to sing their appreciation. It’s harder to organize similar demonstrations in the suburbs, but many of us want to express our gratitude.

Well, now there’s a way.


Download the “THANK YOU COVID HEROES” image and display it on your doors and windows. Maybe make a pattern or a car magnet. Maybe a lawn sign. However you want to participate, please join us in saying thank you.

Please post the image in your window and continue to give back as you have been, and encourage your friends and families to do the same. 

The more these signs appear in our windows and on our doors, the louder our collective voice of thanks.